Congratulations to Dr. Steve Gunkel

Congratulations to Dr. Steve Gunkel, who is directing the Wake Washington program in the Fall 2021 semester.

This exciting program allows students to study and intern in the nation’s capital while taking courses taught by a Wake Forest faculty member. Internships are available from a variety of disciplines and areas such as Political Science and International Affairs, Communication, Non-profits, NGOs, and Policy. 

The Wake Washington program is available for students in the fall or spring semester; a Wake Forest faculty member serves as the Resident Professor.  The WFU Resident Professor teaches two courses in his/her field, with a focus on taking advantage of Washington D.C.’s resources to enhance the coursework. In addition, students engage in a four-day-per-week internship related to their interests. As part of this experience, students are responsible for writing a research paper on a topic related to their internship and for participating in a weekly meeting which includes opportunities to hear prominent speakers as well as to reflect on their internship experience. Alumni and parent mentors are available to students throughout the semester. Students earn 6 credits for the coursework taught by the resident professor and 6 credits for the internship experience and related obligations.

Interested in studying in Washington DC? For more info and to apply, go here.

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